Baby Stores: Tips For Selecting The Right Nursery Furniture

07 Oct

A baby nursery is often one of the smallest rooms in the house. Apart from ventilation, light and cleanliness of the room you also need to pay attention to the colour and furniture in the room. Since the room is usually small the furniture should be such that it serves all of the functions needed but at the same time does not take up too much room or look overwhelming. The furniture should be interesting too. You might like to buy premium baby equipment but keep in mind the layout when placing it in the nursery without compromising on the space available in the room.

Before visiting a nursery furniture showroom think about the type of furniture that you would like in your babies nursery. The first thing that comes to mind is the cot, cot bed, crib or moses basket. The other basic pieces of furniture are the wardrobes, dressers and the baby changing unit for the baby. It is best to start by drawing a plan of the room. This will help you to locate the various things like the position of the door, windows, radiators, and also the area that would be left for moving around once you get the furniture. Read more about wholesale clothing at

With this you can pinpoint the places where your furniture can go in. Get the measurements and note them down. This will give you an opportunity to get an idea about how much space is being taken up and how much space is left open. You can then go to the baby shop of your choice and begin to select the nursery furniture you would like. You are normally best to go to a local independent retailer where you can normally find something a little different.

Whether you are looking for cheap Bo Bebe products or premier baby equipment, remember to bear in mind there is a wide choice available now. If you want to go for premier furniture such as Boori, Kidsmill and Stokke you will find that this will last your child for many years. We are often asked what is the difference between a Cot and a Cot Bed? The main difference is that a Cot Bed will convert to a Junior Bed when your child is older so will normally last until the age of 5. Other good brands are Cosatto, Lollipop Lane, Saplings, East Coast and Obaby. You will also have to think about the wood finish you would like, Oak, Antique Pine, Natural Pine, Cream, Walnut, Mahogany  there are many different finishes available. Cots and cot beds normally have 3 levels for the base so when the baby is young you can have them higher up in the cot making it easy to get them in and out. 

To get the best baby furniture, choose the best bo bébé store online.

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